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Dating abuse affects one in three young people. What form can it take? How do teens know if they're in an abusive relationship? How can they help a friend who is in one? Be Smart. Be Well. set up a video booth and posed these questions to 15 middle, high school and college students, and got a lot of answers. Watch the video above.

Watch more videos and learn more at Be Smart. Be Well. Domestic Violence.

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  • Feature Article | Teen Dating Abuse

    Don’t be blind to the growing risk of teen dating violence. Learn to identify abuse and follow these tips for a teen dating abuse action plan.

  • Ask the Expert | Teen Dating Abuse

    Learn more about teen dating abuse and how you can help teens without pushing them away. With Executive Director of Break the Cycle, Marjorie Gilberg.

  • Life Stories Video | Teens Start Talking

    One video booth, a few questions, and 15 middle school, high school and college students. The result is an honest, courageous and painful look at the risks of being young and in love in today’s fast-paced technological world.

  • Challenge Yourself | Quick Quiz

    How much do you know about teen dating abuse? Take this quiz and separate fact from fiction.