Childhood Asthma

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And the correct answer is…

1. My kid’s asthma comes and goes.

Asthma is a chronic disease, meaning it’s always there. In many instances, you need to treat it even when your child is not showing symptoms.

2. Wheezing is just a part of having asthma.

If your child is wheezing, coughing or having difficulty breathing, he or she is already in the early stages of an asthma attack, and that means his or her asthma is not under control.

3. My kid has missed a school day due to asthma.

4. My kid has woken up in the night with asthma symptoms.

5. My kid has had to stop an activity because of asthma.

There is no right answer to these, but if you answered TRUE to any of questions 3-5, your child’s asthma may not be under control. You should speak to your child’s health care provider about how to better manage it.

Learn more about childhood asthma and how you can control your child’s condition at Be Smart. Be Well. Childhood Asthma.



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